Does your company have a shareholders agreement?   

By Gary Robinson / August 27, 2022

For limited companies, when it comes to making decisions, company law states that shareholders who own more than 50% can pass a motion at a company meeting regardless of the views of other shareholders. If a shareholder(s) owns more than 75% of the shares, they control the company outright and can veto the decisions of…

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Managing Cash in Tough Times

By Gary Robinson / August 21, 2022

With ever-increasing supplier prices, a rise in interest rates and a looming recession, managing your business’s cash and understanding the flow are now vital tools in maintaining resilience and being able to adopt flexible strategies for success. Cash flows are a reflection of all the cash that is flowing in and out of a business.…

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Cost-of-Living Crisis Helping Employees

By Gary Robinson / August 14, 2022

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has put together some practical information for employers to support their employees through the cost-of-living crisis. Against a backdrop of soaring prices for food, energy and other essential goods and services, many employers in the UK are asking what they can do to support their people’s financial…

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Research & Development Tax Credit

By Gary Robinson / August 6, 2022

HMRC have started writing letters to some companies that have been making claims for Research and Development (R&D) relief suggesting that they may be fraudulent. This is the result of the system being abused by some spurious claims, but the tone of the letter may alarm some recipients. The HMRC Fraud Investigations Services unit has…

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