R&D Tax Credits

By Gary Robinson / July 23, 2020

R&D tax credits A guide to the tax relief available to innovative SMEs. Research and development (R&D) tax relief for small companies provides an enhanced deduction for the costs of qualifying R&D projects. R&D tax relief for large companies is given as an expenditure credit in the company’s profit and loss account before the tax…

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The Value of A Cashflow Forecast

By Gary Robinson / February 14, 2020

An all too common story Have you ever experienced that moment when you realise there isn’t enough cash to meet the wages bill at the end of the month? Have you ever had that unexpected phone call from your bank manager to say you’ve exceeded your borrowing limits? Have you ever looked at your year-end…

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Tax Returns and The Fines

By Gary Robinson / October 31, 2019

Tax Return If you been sent a notice to complete a self-assessment income tax return you have until 31 January every year to get this submitted to HM Revenue & Customs or you will incur late filing penalties depending how long this is outstanding for. Late Filing Penalties Up to 3 Months £100.00 if it…

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Tax Going Digital

By Gary Robinson / August 15, 2019

Cloud Accounting and Bookkeeping Overview There is now the opportunity to have you cloud accounting software which means you no longer need to have this installed on your desktop you can access this via an internet connection from anywhere. This will avoid the upgrades like with Sage as you will always have the latest version…

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Advisory Fuel Rates from 1 March 2019

By Gary Robinson / March 27, 2019

The Advisory Electricity Rate for fully electric cars is 4 pence per mile. Changes to the advisory fuel rates from 1 March 2019  Engine Size  Petrol  Diesel  LPG  1400cc or less  11p (12p)    7p (8p)  1401cc – 2000cc  14p (15p)    8p (10p)  Over 2000cc  21p (22p)    13 (15p)  1600cc or less  …

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