Remote Recruitment

By Gary Robinson / July 15, 2021

We have had three national lockdowns, various restrictions remain in place, and many forced to work from home for the majority of last year, the workplace has changed dramatically ‘Work’ as we once knew it has become more and more digital, as organisations adopt an increasingly hybrid approach. As a result, recruiters have had to…

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Covid 19 Newsletter

By Gary Robinson / December 6, 2020

C19 NEWSLETTER ‘ECONOMIC EMERGENCY HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN’ In his spending review yesterday Rishi Sunak said the “economic emergency” caused by Covid-19 has only just begun, as he warned the virus would mean lasting damage to growth and jobs. Official forecasts now predict the biggest economic decline in 300 years. The UK economy is expected…

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Covid-19 Grants

By Gary Robinson / November 12, 2020

People and businesses across the UK are being provided with additional financial support as part of the government’s plan for the next phase of its response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Prime Minister announced today (31 October). Throughout the crisis the government’s priority has been to protect lives and livelihoods. Today the Prime Minister said…

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Paying Your Tax By Direct Debit Monthly

By Gary Robinson / November 2, 2020

People owe debt to HMRC for a variety of reasons and the best payment solution differs from individual to individual. HMRC takes its responsibility seriously to make sure that people who can pay do so on time, whilst providing extra, bespoke support to people facing financial hardship or in personal difficulty. If you’re facing difficulty…

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Capital Gains Tax Planning

By Gary Robinson / January 31, 2020

Selling something you own for more than you bought it for is not only the basis of making a profit and doing ‘good business’; it is also the start of your liability for capital gains tax (CGT). In its broadest terms, CGT is a tax that applies when you dispose of an asset (meaning selling…

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Transfering Property into a Limited Company

By Gary Robinson / November 21, 2019

When you transfer property which in not your residential home into a company this must be done right as this has huge tax implications if not done correctly. There is a way to get this into a company avoiding stamp duty but this only applicable to those who run this as an partnership. By a…

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HMRC Ways to Uncover Unpaid Tax

By Gary Robinson / August 29, 2019

HM Revenue & Customs Having Access to Your Bank Account HMRC direct recovery of debts has been in force 06 May 2014 and they wanted parliament to introduce new powers in next year’s finance bill which would allow them to dip into to debtor’s bank accounts without any independent oversight. HM Revenue & Customs Officers…

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Do you keep the required documents

By Gary Robinson / August 22, 2019

Having the Right Documents to Back Up the Accounts As a director of a company you have an obligation to submit your accounts to HM Revenue & Customs whether this is done by the company or your accountant. They will then do internal checks to make sure that your company is paying the right amount…

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