Capital Gains Tax on 2nd Property

By Gary Robinson / June 15, 2024

Capital Gains Tax on 2nd Property Who does this effect, it effects landlords with one or more property’s or where they rent this out on a commercial basis for payment of rent for living there. individuals who have a second home, but this may not necessary be rented out but for their own use and…

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What is Bank Reconciliation

By Gary Robinson / June 8, 2024

Bank reconciliation is the process of matching the bank balances reflected in the cash book of a business with the balances reflected in the bank statement of the business in a given period. Such a process determines the differences between the balances as per the cash book and bank passbook. Reconciling bank statements with cash…

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When Dividends can be Voted

By Gary Robinson / June 1, 2024

Dividends Dividends are a return to shareholders on the profits after tax that a trading company has in its annual financial statements and the board of directors approve the amount of dividends to the shareholders. In a private limited company these could the same people especially startup companies. Payment of Dividends Dividends is small private…

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