Electric Cars

By Gary Robinson / December 23, 2023

Electric Cars As more and more businesses consider more sustainable and eco-friendly ways to operate, we are seeing an increase in the acquisition of electric cars. There are tax surrounding electric cars, and they are: The company car that is available for an employee’s private use will usually attract a benefit in kind charge. As…

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Confirmation Statement

By Gary Robinson / December 16, 2023

A confirmation statement is a filing requirement for all limited companies and LLP’s (Limited Liabilities Partnerships) in the UK and this is a legal requirement and is done through Companies House https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/companies-house. A confirmation statement is due every 12 months even if your company is dormant this means non trading or even if it has…

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Capital Gains Tax on Second Property

By Gary Robinson / December 9, 2023

Capital Gains Tax on 2nd Property Who does this effect, it effects landlords with one or more property’s or where they rent this out on a commercial basis for payment of rent for living there. individuals who have a second home, but this may not necessary be rented out but for their own use and…

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Making Tax Digital Announcement

By Gary Robinson / December 2, 2023

In a surprise turnaround, the requirement for an end of period statement (EOPS) has been dropped, removing the fifth report of full year earnings. This means there will now only be four quarterly reports, reducing the administrative burden. The decision follows a review of the impact of MTD for income tax self assessment (ITSA), the…

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