Trading As a Limited Company

By Gary Robinson / April 6, 2024

Trading As a Limited Company If you decide that forming a private limited company is the best way to then you will first need to think of a name and this must a name that is not already being used you can check this out at Companies House If the name is available, then…

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Running a Payroll Scheme

By Gary Robinson / February 10, 2024

Payroll If you are running a limited company, partnership or a sole reader employing people is the same process and principles. When you need to employee a person you will need to register this first with HM Revenue & Customs ( and then once set up HM Revenue & Customs will send you’re the payroll…

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P11D Benefits in Kind

By Gary Robinson / January 20, 2024

P11d Benefits If you have a team of employees, you have several options for rewarding them in addition to paying wages or a salary. One of the most flexible options is to offer benefit in kind, also known as fringe benefits. Benefit in kind take several different forms, which we’ll describe later, and they can…

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National Insurance Reduction

By Gary Robinson / January 6, 2024

The Chancellor’s cut to national insurance comes in from Saturday 6 January, reducing tax bills in January pay packets The 2p cut to National Insurance will see the rate for employees cut from 12% to 10% from Saturday, with the average worker earning £34,963 saving £447.86 in for Class 1 contributions over the year. This…

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Biggest Tax Raising Parliment

By Gary Robinson / October 14, 2023

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has stated that this has been the biggest tax-raising parliament since records began, pushing UK tax revenues to historically high levels. They comment “At the time of the last general election, UK tax revenues amounted to around 33% of national income. By the time of the next election in…

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Protecting Employees from Stress at Work

By Gary Robinson / August 25, 2023

Rethinking business resilience Being resilient by choice is critical for both survival and for strategic advantage in an era where disruption is the norm. The threats businesses face today are complex and becoming more frequent than in previous times. We have seen a pandemic, an ongoing war in Europe with supply chain issues, a cost…

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Your Duties As An Employer and The Change

By Gary Robinson / April 1, 2023

As an employer running payroll, you need to report to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on the previous tax year (which ends on 5 April 2023), give your employees a P60, and prepare for the new tax year, which starts on 6 April. What you need to do                                               When Send your final payroll report of…

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Unscrupulous Employers

By Gary Robinson / February 11, 2023

The government is taking action against unscrupulous employers that use the controversial practice of ‘fire and rehire’, it has announced Last year P&O Ferries sought to evade the law by sacking 786 seafarers without due consultation. Having made no efforts to inform the Business Secretary at the time, they failed to follow best practice or…

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Payroll Update

By Gary Robinson / December 31, 2022

Additional Bank Holiday confirmed for 2023 2023 will become the second year in a row to gain an additional bank holiday. May 8, 2023, will be a bank holiday to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, which will be held on the Saturday 6 May 2022. May will now see three bank holidays, as this is…

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Change at No10 Downing Street

By Gary Robinson / November 6, 2022

A new period of this government begins for us all, again! We have a new Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak and a new cabinet facing the toughest economic conditions in decades. So what actions can we expect from the government in the next few weeks? Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will outline the UK’s tax and spending programme on…

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